Doing The Right Thing

Every responsible business wants to do the right thing and while there’s always more that can be done, we at DPM are truly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and behaving in a more responsible way.

Reduce. Re-use. Re-cycle.

We believe in taking an intelligent and strategic approach to lessening our environmental impact. We want to reduce what we use and consume, re-use whenever we can and re-cycle wherever possible.

For example, by specifying a knitted polyester fabric for a display backing, rather than more typical 3mm foam panel, the reduction in weight is 83% (1300gsm verses 200gsm). 

This has benefits in terms of packaging, transportation and disposal. What’s more, the 17% that remains contains no toxins or dioxins and because it’s not a mixed material recycling is easier and less cost-intensive.


By developing materials that are not just lighter but more durable and specifically designed for multiple use, we’re supporting the industry-wide effort to move away from more wasteful, difficult to dispose of single-use materials, towards a more sustainable focus on re-usability.

When it comes to recycling we endeavour to use materials that can be both made from re-cycled materials and that are also easier to re-cycle come end of life.

For example, polyester yarns can be made from recycled post-consumer clear plastic waste and because it contains no toxins in its construction, CO2 is the only bi product from its disposal. Our latest “Bretta” range of fabrics is just testament to this ethos and approach, which offer reductions in the use of virgin polymer and increased recycled content with no loss of quality thanks to a tighter knit. We believe this is an intelligent and pragmatic approach to making our product range more sustainable.

Within our own business we send any waste to be incinerated at a local “energy from waste” producer; output from which is enough to power up to 50,000 homes. Even after incineration less than 3% goes to landfill as ash.



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